Monsoon Asia covers South

 Monsoon Asia covers South

Monsoon Asia covers South

The region of Monsoon Asia covers South, Southeast and East Asia . It is a region where the major features of landscape, such as vegetation, soil and water system developed in a monsoon climate. The monsoon rainfall is the main water resource of the region. But the high variability of monsoon climate causes a high frequency of climate related disasters, such as the floods, drought and heat waves which often bring about great damage to the region. At the same time, Monsoon Asia is a region with the most active human development. It has a history of more than 5000 years civilization. It also has the highest population density of the world. It also had the most rapid development in last decades and plans to continue rapid development incoming century. Therefore the human activities of the monsoon Asia region have and will have significant impacts on the environmental conditions, not only regionally but also globally.

This is the newsletter of the Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study. It appears approximately once per month and is mailed to members of the Googlegroup ‘MAIRS-updates’. The newsletter can ‘stand alone’ and is also a part of a forum discussion. It was a very unfortunate coincidence that Dr. A.P. Mitra passed away, at the age of 80 years, at the time we published a short CV of Dr. Mitra in our last MAIRS Update. As a member and vice chair of the MAIRS Scientific Steering Committee, as well as participant in the meetings that laid the foundations of MAIRS, Dr. Mitra has been very a very eloquent and effective participants and scientist. We will miss him dearly. Where to look for the show you missed. Let’s say you’ve got a big meeting and you happen to miss your favorite show. You don’t have a DVR and you can’t find a rerun airing anytime soon on your direct.tvchannels – what do you do now? Here are a few of our suggestions for where to look when you need to find a back episode Check the Network Website: If your show aired on one of the major networks there’s a good chance they’ve got the episode posted on their website already. Log on and see if you can find it for free before you pay out the wazoo. Hulu: The longtime king of internet TV has varied its format from free to paid (in some instances) but there’s a likelihood your show’s going to be on the site for your viewing pleasure. If the show you’d like to catch up on has been out for a while you may want to consider buying  your episode in mp3 format. It will be yours for posterity and you can do all types of pausing, fast forwarding and rewinding!

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